Digital Signage

A collection of perpetual beta apps displaying art and content on screens.

Version 2 is the current version of the system. It utilizes MVC, Entity Framework, WebAPI/REST, AngularJS and SignalR for real-time, bi-directional communication. The player is a windows forms executable that uses a full-screen chromium window.

Version 2 has a few apps, namely:

The Commons Art Project, a multi-channel slideshow displaying the wikimedia "pictures of the day".

Trainspotting , showing real-time arrival data, advisories, train locations and time tables for the New York City Subway.

Tap Station , showing a listing of beers on tap with varying fonts, colors, and with multi-screen dynamic pagination.

An assortment of art apps , adopted from JS1K and others.

Version 1 ran from 2009 - 2013. It used MVC with jQuery, Entity Framework, WebAPI/REST and a utilized polling architecture. The signage player was a windows forms executable that launched a verision of Firefox 3 running a custom plugin.

Demonstration and description of the system, October 2015.

The Iron Tap Station in Portland, Oregon utilized the system to display a list of craft beers on tap.
Each screen runs an independent web view. The prototype is running views from the Commons Art Project in this example.
A server clock updates simultaneously across all views.
Screens are run by low-powered computers that can be mounted if needed. Any x86 computer running the latest version of windows can run the media player software.
Real-time train arrivals for each of the Union Square platforms, and a combined list for the entire complex.
Real-time train arrivals for the Fulton Street complex.
Real-time train arrivals for the stations closest to home.
Version 1 running on Junius St, Dallas TX, December of 2009.